There is sometimes an overwhelming choice of products in the market place today; during the course of our forty year operation we have garnered the knowledge and practical know-how to help you make sense of the multitude of options available for your home or business.

The main area of concern for buyers today is Trust. This is one of the main reasons that a lot of independent consultants are coming to the forefront of business, all too often the big players in various industries have taken advantage of their position and the savvy shopper is no longer willing to tolerate this activity.

We have been serving Bristol, South Gloucester and the surrounding areas for over forty years; it is no accident that a superior level of trust has been established over this time. This is a trust and experience combination that you now have the opportunity to capitalise on.
Congratulations! By choosing to employ the services of “The Carpet Flooring Consultant” you have guaranteed yourself access to a leading, professional, obligation free and totally impartial service.

Carpet with Confidence

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